Monday, 30 December 2013

New Year!

Hello again,

The new year is upon us yet again. It seems to have gone very quickly this year. 
This year has made me realise just how much I want to be a production artist. I have decided to stop messing around with lists and the odd challenge because ultimately it isn't getting me anywhere.  I am no longer going to waste time on images that have no purpose. I am going to be devoting the next 12 months to this instead...

I haven't managed to have a detailed look at this just yet, but from what I have seen, it looks to be the best book I have ever bought. This book has everything I need to make a start on the real way to draw and how to construct 3D objects from imagination.
I have already been practicing my line work, cubes and ellipses. These are things I thought I could do just fine and didn't need to continue practicing. I was sorely mistaken! Something as simple as drawing a straight line with a pencil actually challenged me. It has also dawned on me how long it's being since I have actually used a pencil and a sheet of paper. It was a little liberating to use them again.

I aim to slowly work my way though this book and practice each stage religiously. Hopefully as a result I will become much more competent with my technical ability and be able to focus more on the design than how to draw it. Between this, Feng Zhu's tutorials and Andrew Loomis I will be a production artist!
Onto 2014, the life changing year! 

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