Monday, 4 November 2013

List Project and Self Portrait day!

Wow it's again been a while since I updated this blog. I seem to be slipping more and more with these things. I think it's because I now have my own place and there's always something to be doing. I have just had no time to draw never mind update this as well as all my sketchbooks and portfolio sites. As soon as my place is sorted I hope I can get back on track and start learning and growing again!

I feel that there has been no progression this year...

That been said, here are a couple of relatively new image. One is my entry for the self-portrait day and the other is another list image.

Here's this years portrait!

I really enjoyed doing this image. It's been around a year since I tackled a portrait and I do feel this is better than my last. I just had to do myself as a zombie because it was so close to Halloween and I had just watched World War Z for the first time. I'll have to try top this next year...

Now here's my list image "The Scout"

For this image I wanted to try and create an image like those that are found in "legend of the Cryptids" cards. I don't think I have done as well as a could have but I feel this is one of my best images to date. With this image I tried harder with the lighting and choosing focal points to detail rather than trying to detail all of it. I did enjoy this image quite a lot when I did it. Now when I look back on it I feel I can do better and it's making want to to do it .

Right I'm going to stop ranting now I leave for another 5 months. I'll see you there future me...

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