Sunday, 10 March 2013

Back on track, hopefully...

Well it's certainly been a while since I updated this blog... The worse thing is I don't really have that much to show. 

I have recently had some design work which, used a lot of my time. Now however, I can focus more on some illustrations. I have once again concocted a list of images I have wanted to do for a while and todays second update is 2 of those images. I'm also going to share with you my list... 

Last year I attempted to do this and failed because too many things got in the way and I coudn't meet my deadlines. This time I have no deadlines and I work on them whenever I can. This gives me much more time to work on these images and really learn something from them...

So here's my list...

01 - Orc
02 - Frozen
03 - Corpse
04 - Tree
05 - Giant Elemental
06 - Hovercraft
07 - Crash Site
08 - The Scout
09 - Temple
10 - War Beast
11 - Titan
12 - Weird & Wonderful
13 - Gunslinger
14 - Mech
15 - Fortress
16 - Release The Kraken!
17 - Werewolf
18 - Hunter
19 - The Mountains
20 - Nightwalker
21 - Cyclops
22 - Nissian Micra Space
23 - Elemental Dragon
24 - Dreamer & Nightmare
25 - Mr Leech

Well that's it, I hope to do these by the end of the year, but if I don't then it doesn't matter. Also one other thing, I dont think I'll be doing these in order this year because it didn't quite work last time... So I'll be just doing the ones I'm inspired to do at that time. Although it just so happens I've done the first 2...

Cheers, Matt.

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