Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The Cain Mutie

Here's an image for the IFX weekly challenge. This took around 3 days to finish.This image was the joint winner of this challenge.

Captain Cornelius Cain is also known to seafarers as the dreaded Headbeard (and if you have seen him you'll know why). Feared throughout the seven seas, this mutant pirate and his freakish crew steal from the rich, the poor, and kill anything that moves. History books recall his demise at the hands of his mutie crew of scum (in the case of one member literally) in what is forever known as The Cain Mutie Mutiny.

Feedback appreciated, cheers.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Sufletul mâncător (Soul Eater)

This image was done for the C.O.W challenge over at CA.

Sufletul mâncător, banished for hell to die here on Earth was discovered by a Romanian traveller, Boian. Boian devoted himself to the beast and began do it's bidding. The Sufletul mâncător survives by feeding on flesh and soul. Once strong enough, he will go back to Hell to overthrow Satan, earning his entry back into the underworld.

Feedback appreciated, cheers.